Домашняя / Блог / Соединяем сердца: Как выйти замуж. Реальные истории наших клиенток!

Как выйти замуж. Реальные истории наших клиенток!


Девушки, которые приходят в офис «Инталио» впервые, часто спрашивают о количестве браков, которые были созданы с помощью нашего брачного агентства. И этот простой вопрос постоянно ставит в тупик брачных специалистов Инталио, ведь за долгие годы успешной деятельности компании мы просто сбились со счета! Именно поэтому мы решили каждую неделю знакомить наших читателей с историями любви  наших клиентов! И сегодня вас ждет очень красивая история любви!

Зарина написала очень красивую историю для посольства США, с которой мы и предлагаем вам ознакомиться:

I feel myself lucky to live at the time when international system called Internet has been invented and has become so much popular among the people who look for their second halves. Thanks to this wonderful modern invention I met my beloved and very dear person. His name is John Johnston whose name associates for me now with the most noble, reliable, sincere, caring and special man has a “golden” heart, unique personality and rich inside world. Since the very beginning of our correspondence we seemed to be very close by spirit and have lots in common by our outlook and life priorities. With each letter we sent to each other I understood John better and better and he became more and more close to me. We truly felt the connection in spite the distance between us. With each passing day our communication has become more progressive – we have been exchanging with mobile texts all the days long. All our correspondence, phone calls, texts and pictures exchanging made our desire to see one another in real life really strong. Our first meeting was really special. There was a mixture of feelings we experienced at the moment we saw each other the first time but the most important was that we felt as if we knew each other for a long time and our love blossomed at the first sight. He has become a part of my life and I believe I’m a part of his life too. I also believe that two people who have found one another should be together. We both hope for our common happy future. I’m eager to see his wonderful country, the world he lives in; simply make him happy and become happy myself. I think all these are worthy to live for, I’ve been dreaming about this man for all my life and I do love him with all my heart. Our dream has turned into reality – we got married on the 6th of June and live happily together.
Thanks a lot to Natalia Fomina, who helped me to find my love partner.
Best regards, Zarina Medzhidova (Johnston)

Зарина и Джон

А сразу после свадьбы Зарина и Джон прислали Наталье фото со своей свадьбы. Нам очень приятно видеть счастливых, светящихся счастьем ребят!
Hi Natasha… how are you?
Here’s a couple of photos from our wedding… and, of course, we hope to see some photos from your wedding… and we wish you and your husband Sergei are the very best!!!
thank you!! Talk soon…  Zarina and John Johnston 

Но еще приятнее получить от благодарных клиентов фото другого плана! Которыми они так же охотно делятся с Инталио! Знакомьтесь, очаровательный малыш Зарины и Джона!  


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      Thank you so much for your warm feedback! You’re always welcome for our help. Best regards, Natalia

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